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Bream (Yellow fin, Pikey)

Habitat: Bottom dweller common in estuaries, sandy, muddy and rocky coastal areas

Size Limit: Min 25cm
Bag Limit: 30


Flathead (Bartailed, Northern Sand)

Habitat: Bottom dweller common in shallow sandy and muddy bottoms

Size Limit: Min 30cm
Bag Limit: 5


Whiting (Sand, Goldenline,Northern)

Habitat: Shallow water along beaches, sandbars, mangrove creeks and estuaries

Size Limit: Min 23cm
Bag Limit: 30


Threadfin Salmon (East Coast Blue)

Habitat: common in shallow waters along sandy beaches, mud flats and coastal estuaries

Size Limit: Min 40cm
Bag Limit: 10


Swallowtail Dart (Surf Trevally)

Habitat: Inshore coastal waters frequently in surge off sandy beaches

Size Limit: Min 30cm
Bag Limit: 30


Barramundi (Giant Perch)

Habitat: coastal mangrove estuaries, river mouths and rocky structures

Size Limit: Min 58cm — Max 120cm
Bag Limit: 5                                                       Closed Season Nov 1—Feb 1


Grass Emperor (Grassy Sweetlip)

Habitat: bottom feeder common in coastal sea grass beds and mangroves

Size Limit: Min 30cm
Bag Limit: 10


Mangrove Jack (Red Bream)

Habitat: coastal mangrove estuaries, lower reaches of creeks/rivers around structure

Size Limit: Min 35cm
Bag Limit: 5


Golden Snapper (Fingermark Seaperch)

Habitat: coastal areas especially around mangroves in estuaries and tidal creeks/rivers

Size Limit: Min 35cm
Bag Limit: 10



Mangrove/Lagoon Stingray

Habitat: bottom dweller found at sandy beaches, mud flats and shallow mangrove estuaries

Bag Limit: No Take


Shovel Nosed Ray (Guitar fish)

Habitat: common in coastal waters with sandy bottoms

Bag Limit: No Take



School Mackerel

Habitat: dawn and dusk feeder found in inshore coastal waters around rocky outcrops/structure

Size Limit: min 50cm
Bag Limit: 5


Giant Trevally

Habitat: coastal waters, younger fish common around mangrove estuaries, creeks and beaches

Size Limit: n/a

Bag Limit: 30 (combined Trevally species total)



Giant Queenfish (Talang Queenfish)

Habitat: dawn and dusk feeder found in coastal waters around rocky outcrops, jetties and inshore islands

Size Limit: min 50cm
Bag Limit: 5


Striped Barracuda

Habitat: nocturnal predator found in coastal bays and estuaries

Size Limit: n/a (common 30cm)

Bag Limit: n/a


Cobia (Black Kingfish)

Habitat: nocturnal feeder found in coastal waters, often near pylons, jetties, sea walls

Size Limit: min 75cm

Bag Limit: 2



Black Tip Reef Shark

Habitat: nocturnal predator

Bag Limit: No Take