sun protection


Be sun smart in the tropics.

The tropical sun is extremely strong between 10am-3pm all year round.

Please ensure you and your family are protected if in the sun for long periods

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration

swim between flags

Swimming Safety

Palm Cove and Trinity Beach are patrolled by Surf Lifesavers.

All patrolled beaches provide safe swimming areas and stinger nets throughout the

summer marked with red and yellow flags. For your safety please swim between the flags.

Beach Safety

Fishing and Beach activities in the tropics are day time activities
After dark it is not recommended practice to fish, swim or walk around the waters edge.
If you intend to fish into the evening your best options are Cairns City Pier or Palm Cove jetty. These locations are well lit, safe and easily accessed in the evening.


croc sign

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater (Estuarine) crocodiles are found in the waters of Tropical North Queensland all year round and are most active in the breeding season between September and April. Crocodiles occur mostly in tidal reaches of rivers, estuaries and mangroves but can also be found around beaches and coastal waterways.

Crocodiles are potentially dangerous, never swim or take unnecessary risks in waters where crocodiles may live.

In saying this, during the winter months it is a rarity that crocodiles are found at populated beaches, if there has been a sighting the appropriate information and signage will be advertised by lifeguards and other relevant organisations.

Please obey crocodile signs they are there for your protection

stinger sign


Always swim at patrolled beaches which provide stinger nets throughout the season and follow directions given by lifeguards or safety signs.

Marine stingers including Box Jellyfish and Irukandji are found along North Queensland beaches between November and May. These tropical species stings are extremely painful and can be lethal.

Don’t handle marine stingers washed up on the beach – they can still sting you.

Again, swimming between the flags inside stinger nets will greatly reduce the risk.
Wearing a stinger suit (a full body rash suit) will not only reduce the risk against marine stingers, but are also great for sun protection.

Please do not enter the water when beaches are closed

rock fishing safety

Rocky Areas

Rocky headlands and rock-walls around the Cairns coast as anywhere else can be slippery and hazardous.

Please take extreme caution around these specific areas

We want you to have fun but please be sensible and safe.