Simple knots

The half hitched blood knot is relatively easy to learn and tie. Given enough wraps and then set properly, it is a simple and reliable option.
Tying we recommend 5 to 6 wraps for 10-15 pound line. When pulling the knot tight, a small amount of saliva will greatly assist in setting the knot correctly to ensure ultimate strength and security. Trim a small tail, suitable for both hooks and swivels.





The full blood knot can provide better security, with practice both knots can be quick and easy to tie.
Tying is almost the same “as above” apart from 2 differences pictured below at points 1 & 3.
1. Thread the eye twice making a double loop.
2. Wrap 6 to 7 times (10-15 pound line)
3. Thread tail though both loops – spit, set, trim the tail, you’re done.

Full Blood Knot


Easy rigs

A. Simple running sinker.

Simple running sinker rig



B. Running rig with swivel.

Running rig with swivel



A. Simple running sinker.
B. Running rig with swivel.

running sinker rigs A. & B.