Fishing Pack Deliveries Rentals

Delivered 24 hour hire

Time for one or two good sessions. 24 hour hire provides flexibility to relax for a few of hours. Early morning and dusk are great times! Perhaps catch a midday tide.


Delivered 3 day hire

We fully understand how many things we try to cram into a holiday. Relax, a three day hire will give you ample opportunity to go for a fish whenever suits, at your leisure!


Business Hours


Pedro’s deliveries service the Cairns Northern Beaches

Including Yorkey’s Knob, Trinity Beach, Kewarra, Clifton, Palm Cove through to Ellis Beach.
Deliveries and return pickup are at 8am

Pedro’s Fishing Packs Delivered
What’s Included:

  • Pedro’s Fishing Packs provide delivery and pickup, to and from your accommodation!
  • 1 x rod (height 6’10”) two piece, with a 4000 size reel
  • One fishing chair with built-in rod holder.
  • Handline, Soft tackle bag organizer.
  • Tackle box includes various size hooks, sinkers & swivels. Wire trace & float
  • Chopping board, bait knife, bent nose pliers & lip grips.
  • Main storage bucket 20 Lt, plus nesting bait bucket 10 Lt
  • A basic first aid kit


Extra rods, chairs, bait available within booking.


  • Extra adult rods @ $20 each. A one-off cost for the duration of hire
  • Kids rods @ $10 each for the duration of hire.
  • Bait @ $7.50 per pack. Prawn, Squid and Pilchard
  • Extra Chair with built-in rod holder @ $10

Best fishing times:
Pedro’s Fishing Packs. Firstly, Dusk and Dawn are especially scenic times. These same times also offer an increase chance of action!
The first hour of tidal movement, from high to low and also from low to high are also good times to soak a bait!
Finally, look at your tide guide if you happen to find the tide patterns just mentioned coincide with dusk or dawn. Get in, get on!

Fish ID:
Pedro’s online Fish Guide or get the highly recommended App Store QLD Fishing 2.0 app or, Google Play QLD Fishing 2.0 app as your ultimate Fish Guide reference.


General Safety Tips

As a visitor to Tropical North Queensland, for your ultimate safety we simply and strongly advise you fish from a jetty or wharf, where you can fish day or night with confidence knowing you are up high and safe from the water’s edge.


Catch fish or not, we hope that a Pedro’s pack can provide an experience of the pastime that is fishing. A chance to get back to nature, relax and enjoy some quality time with family and friends!

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