Palm Cove Fishing

Palm Cove Fishing has been a bit hit and miss, with so much fresh water around.

However, those who have fished the change of tide (high to low), and early mornings have seen some action.

Eagerly awaiting the upcoming Barra season, should be a great start post recent rain events.

Pedro’s Fishing Packs

Pedro’s Packs Delivered

Pedro’s Hire Kayak Trailer

Pedro’s Hire Kayak Trailer

Pedro’s Hire Kayak Trailer is well on its way to December completion.

The guys at Cairns Trailers have been absolute legends thus far.
fabricating left of field ideas that we have requested.
We are super excited to be able to house and transport the fleet in one foul swoop 🙂
Pedro’s Hire

Pedro's Hire Trailer
Pedro’s Hire Trailer

Pedro’s Kayak Reconditioned

Pedro’s Kayak Reconditioned

Several months of plastic welding, replacing fittings and fixtures, hatches and rudder cables, steering “Sunset” is a part of the Pedro’s kayak hire/tour fleet.