Where can I fish..

Recreational fishing is a popular past time in Cairns and allowed at all our recommended locations with no licence or permit required. If you intend to fish in a different location please see Green Zone Map5 Cairns area or refer to the Eye on the Reef link and download the Free Zoning App.

What fish can I take..

There are legal fish size and bag limits for all local species. A printed guide is included with every pack, plus Pedro’s online Fish Guide or get the highly recommended App Store QLD Fishing 2.0 or Google Play QLD Fishing 2.0 as a your ultimate reference.

Great Barrier Reef beaches..

Please dispose of all rubbish thoughtfully to help keep our beaches and reef beautiful. Local beaches are protected as part of the Great Barrier reef, therefore nothing can be taken including sand, shells and dead coral.

Sustainable fishing..

We support catch and release fishing practices. If you choose to keep, please ensure the fish is of legal size and killed humanely. Fish responsibly today so our kids can fish tomorrow.

Handy links…